Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recipe from a Coleslaw Addict

Yes, I must admit, since I can remember nothing could satisfy more than good classic creamy coleslaw.  Notice the word good, I honestly don't know how many don't meet this classification.  Most often it's okay, or fair, or just another coleslaw.  But take it from a connoisseur of coleslaw, this recipe will meet the most discriminating taste buds while satisfying old-fashioned uncle Ted at the next pig roast.

When shopping for ingredients, whatever you do, don't skip the white balsamic.  This is the secret.  This is the ingredient that makes people go, "Yes, they brought coleslaw again!".  And one last tip, when people ask for the recipe (this is not an "if" they ask) don't tell people what vinegar you use when you hand this recipe out.  It will drive them nuts.  Just write "vinegar", let them have the hassle of discovering what vinegar to use.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Ice Cream Challenge!

In the past few weeks, Connecticut, like many parts of the country have been suffering from triple-digit heat.  During summer heat waves, nothing is more satisfying than a food frozen treat like ice cream.  As a gourmet, the typical vanilla and chocolate flavors were a bit redundant.  With a motive to find a contemporary twist, I asked members of a food forum where I regularly contribute for exotic ideas on ice cream.  After trying nearly one dozen flavors, these two have stood out.  Judging was based on simplicity, ease of ingredient access, and of course, taste.

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This ice cream is SO ADDICTING!  The first bite: BOOM, the thick and fudgey chocolate flavor with a slightly bitter mocha coffee taste.  But then, the ice cream begins to melt in your mouth and WHOA!   The heat of the peppers mixed with the frozen feel on your tongue is genius.  A slow and growing spice continues to build after each bite.  Once your spicy sundae is gone, you'll have to fetch a glass of water!  This ice cream is made in a traditional custard-style so it has the richest flavor and will call you back to the freezer after each bite.

Whoever thought of putting cantaloupe and vanilla together in one bite?  Well, apparently Diane K. of New Jersey did!  This is the greatest twist on the classic vanilla ice cream since Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, I swear.  When pureeing the cantaloupe, be sure to leave little bits of cantaloupe to make this a summer dream dessert. Serve in a halved cantaloupe for a beautiful presentation!  Opposed to the Chocolate Red Pepper Ice Cream, this is made in Philadelphia-Style, which means it is simply cream based without any egg yolks.  This makes this recipe significantly easy and is perfect for the beginning ice cream novice.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The New "About" Page

From fresh baked apple pie to catering private functions, Jonathan Miller's unique approach to the world of food is refreshing and straight forward. With over 10 years of experience, he has successfully produced and created hundreds of dishes. He has worked as a freelance sous chef, and has been titled with "Connecticut's Best Apple Pie" in 2006 by the Association of Connecticut Fairs. He is also ServSafe certified by the National Restaurant Association.

The History Behind Smacznego: A Blog
Great Grandmother Adele Rosia Cooking with her Protege
           Smacznego: A Blog is the first attempt in a plan to expand the horizons of home cooks looking for a new way to approach food: the professional way.  Since the start of this blog in March of 2011, many people have questioned why the name Smaczneo.  The term Smacznego is loosely translated into Polish as "May This Meal Be Tasty".  No, Polish is not my native language; however, my roots are based in the European countryside of Poland & Lithuania.  The name is in honor of the traditions of our family legacy; to never let a guest leave hungry.  Each holiday that passes by is filled with stories from both sides of the aisle on how the Lithuanians perfected the cuisine of the Poles.  Laughter is always the center of conversation, but food is what brings both sides to the table asking for more!

          Smacznego: A Blog rests in the loving memory of my Lithuanian great grandmother, Adele Rosia, who started a restaurant that became the hot spot for dinning in a small lake village in Holland, Massachusetts.  As time continued, it became tradition after our supper prayer for the family to burst out in one accord, SMACZNEGO!  Though the privilege of this family tradition came before my time, I respect the roots of my culinary heritage.

~ Please, come in and sit down for good times with Smacznego: A Blog! ~