Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Smacznego: A Blog Launches Facebook Page & Subscription by Email

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Jonathan Miller, Founder of Smacznego: A Blog

Monday, February 21, 2011

Smacznego: A Blog's Top Cookbook Recommendations

Since the launch of Smacznego: A Blog, many readers have requested a list of recommended cookbooks titles.  I have come up with a short list of six titles.  These resources are not just packed with recipes.  But each one has an educational value of teaching the science of why things happen.  This is what makes these titles valuable.
I hope you enjoy these titles.

Smacznego: A Blog loves to hear from its readers!  Please add your favorite cooking titles in the comment area below.

May you discover new adventures on the cooking trails ahead!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring Around the Corner, Iced Tea on the Mind

Here in the North East, the bitter winter has been brutal with continual snow storms.  However, the other day a glimmer of spring began to show its seemingly long arrival may be around the corner.  The sun came out, and a high of 50 F degrees felt as though I was in the tropics of the South.  I began to think, it is never too early to contemplate homemade iced tea sitting in the sparkling sunlight.

The perfect iced tea is made with the simple science of using the natural rays of the sun to percolate the tea into a crystal clear, dark champagne drink of health!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome to Smacznego: A Blog

Dear Smacznego: A Blog Readers,

Smacznego: A Blog is designed with the home cook in mind. The word "Smacznego" is a polish term loosely translated, "May This Meal Be Tasty". At Smacznego: A Blog you will find the resources necessary to make all your meals exceptionally tasty!

Please comment, write and give feedback. Please suggest topics of interest that you would like Smacznego: A Blog to feature.

Cooking is an art, and like all art, is only worth the opinion of the people. This blog will only thrive on constant feedback.

Together, Smacznego: A Blog will be successful!


Jonathan Miller, Founder of Smacznego: A Blog

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day: The Most Romantic Dessert

Cheesecake: one of earth's most romantic desserts. But what happens when you add 70% bittersweet chocolate? Luxury on a fork! This cheesecake is smooth and dense, reminiscent of a New York style cheesecake.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leftover Bones After Making Stock? Try a Remouillage!

The term "remouillage" is a French word meaning "rewetting". A remouillage is produced by reusing the bones after making a stock. See the "Brown Turkey Stock" post.

To make a remouillage, add fresh mirepoix, herbs & spices. Fill with enough water to cover the bones, and simmer for 16 - 18 hours.

Click Here to Go to the "Brown Turkey Stock" post to find information on making a mirepoix.

How to use a remouillage?

A remouillage is weaker in flavor than a traditional stock. It is perfect to use in recipes that you typically wouldn't want to add a predominant meat flavor, but yet want a fullbodied texture and aroma added to the final product. I use a remouillage whenever I want a delicate poultry flavor, like in cream of tomato soup. A remouillage is also perfect when replacing water in your bread recipe, or making rice. Try adding a tablespoon to your eggs before scrambling them for breakfast!

~ Smacznego !

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Guide to Purchasing Knives

Find "Recommended Knife Brands" on left panel.

A good knife is the most important tool in the modern kitchen. Without a knife we would find ourselves tearing and breaking our food in the manner of cavemen.

Often times, the home cook is found purchasing common knives at the local department store that become dull and useless after continued use. If you continue to find yourself in this prediciment, keep reading because this is the post for you.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jonathan Miller Featured in Taste of Home Cookbook

Photo Courtesy of Taste of Home
Cheese Tomato Egg Bake

Taste of Home: Click to View Recipe

This recipe is featured in

Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook

Brown Turkey Stock

Everybody loves to have chicken soup on those cold winter evenings. For those of us that have made our own stock, we know the quality is far superior to any store bought bullion. For those of us who still dissolve those salty cubes in boiling water, I urge you to try making your own stock. It is surprisingly easy.

What this post is going to explain is how to make a brown turkey stock. It is different than the traditional chicken stock used as broth in chicken noodle.

Brown Turkey Stock is best for soups like Pasta Fajoiloli, Minestrone, & tomato based cream soups. If you like, you can also replace the water in your bread recipe and add sun-dried tomatoes for savory breadsticks for dinner.