Friday, July 29, 2011

Cracking the Convection Oven

Samsung 30" Electric Convection Range
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Unless you were employed in the culinary industry, convection ranges were virtually unheard of a few decades ago.  The world's most affluent were among the select few that installed these commercial beasts in their own home.  The electric output was costly, and special fans and ventilation needed to be installed for these stoves to be compatible in the kitchen.  It was no wonder that convection cooking was left to the professional world of food.

It was not until recent media exposure on topics incorporating gourmet meals in the kitchen that the home cook began to explore new cuisines in their own kitchen.  Thanks to few, but popular television networks, the world of professional cooking at home began to take interest to many.  This "food craze" is what has many companies searching to improve professional technology for the pleasure of the home cook.

One of the greatest improvements to modern day kitchen appliances is the convection range.  However, many people are uncertain with this cooking method and are unsure if this is just another gadget or a technology that has staying power.  As a professional in the food industry, I am pleased to announce convection cooking here to stay!  It is true that there are convection ovens on the market that promise to deliver but in fact only disappoint.  But it is possible to find an excellent standard size home convection oven model within a reasonable price range.

So lets get cooking and Crack Open the Convection Oven!