Friday, February 11, 2011

A Guide to Purchasing Knives

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A good knife is the most important tool in the modern kitchen. Without a knife we would find ourselves tearing and breaking our food in the manner of cavemen.

Often times, the home cook is found purchasing common knives at the local department store that become dull and useless after continued use. If you continue to find yourself in this prediciment, keep reading because this is the post for you.

Here is a list of common knife metals that are manufactured:

1) Carbon Steel ~ Knives are no longer manufactured in this metal. However, if you purchase old knives at yard sales or second hand stores, this is a common type that is still purchased. Carbon steel sharpens readily and is ideal for cutting with ease. But keep in mind that carbon steel rusts easily. Also avoid cutting acidic foods, as this will eventually corrode the blade of the knife.

2) Stainless Steel ~ This is the most commonly manufactured metal for knives today. These knives are typically marketed as "Never Needs Sharpening". This is a term that can be translated to, "This Knife Can NEVER Be Sharpened". Cooks who purchase stainless steel will find themselves frustrated with a dull knife after a few years. Stainless steel is an extremely hard metal that will refuse to be sharpened. Blades made with stainless steel are considered inferior.

3) High Carbon Stainless Steel ~ Simply the best. This knife resists corroding and rusting, but yet is soft enough to be readily sharpened. This is because stainless steel and high carbon steel are combined to create a sturdy, durable knife made to last a lifetime. These knifes are considerably more expensive than stainless knifes, but due to a lifetime of 10 - 20 years, these knifes cost less.

Difference Between Stamped & Forged:

Stamped: The knife is created by cutting a piece of steel into the desired shape. Then the blade is created and sharpened.

Forged: The metal is never cut, but rather formed or "forged" into the knife.

Forged knives are the highest quality, but stamped is best if money is an issue. The major compromise in quality comes from the type of metal used, not necessarily if it is forged or stamped. Chef's will say otherwise, but one must realize budget is equally an important factor.

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