Saturday, February 12, 2011

Leftover Bones After Making Stock? Try a Remouillage!

The term "remouillage" is a French word meaning "rewetting". A remouillage is produced by reusing the bones after making a stock. See the "Brown Turkey Stock" post.

To make a remouillage, add fresh mirepoix, herbs & spices. Fill with enough water to cover the bones, and simmer for 16 - 18 hours.

Click Here to Go to the "Brown Turkey Stock" post to find information on making a mirepoix.

How to use a remouillage?

A remouillage is weaker in flavor than a traditional stock. It is perfect to use in recipes that you typically wouldn't want to add a predominant meat flavor, but yet want a fullbodied texture and aroma added to the final product. I use a remouillage whenever I want a delicate poultry flavor, like in cream of tomato soup. A remouillage is also perfect when replacing water in your bread recipe, or making rice. Try adding a tablespoon to your eggs before scrambling them for breakfast!

~ Smacznego !

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