Saturday, April 14, 2012

Peanut Butter: Do You Know What You're Eating?

The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has specific standards for certain foods called 'defect levels'.  These levels are what you can expect to be contained in the food.

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PEANUT BUTTER Insect filth
(AOAC 968.35)
Average of 30 or more insect fragments per 100 grams
Rodent filth
(AOAC 968.35)
Average of 1 or more rodent hairs per 100 grams
(AOAC 968.35)
Gritty taste and water insoluble inorganic residue is more than 25 mg per 100 grams

DEFECT SOURCE: Insect fragments - preharvest and/or post harvest and/or processing insect infestation, Rodent hair - post harvest and/or processing contamination with animal hair or excreta, Grit - harvest contamination

The above is taken directly from the FDA's website.  It is not the purpose here to say not to purchase any of these ingredients, but rather to stress the point of what type you are purchasing.  Purchasing from reputable dealers that have significant resources to have standards in place is a good place to start.  Or, simply make your own!


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  1. Time to break out the Vitamix and a bag of peanuts wouldn't you say? Hmmm, maybe expand my horizons and make almond butter. Homemade butters for my homemade bread from now on!! Thanks!!! Love your blog. Always so informative.