Sunday, September 2, 2012

Creating the Next Generation of Food Snobs

Now that I live on a college campus, the accusation of “food snob” has been thrown around quite often.  So in an effort to create the next generation of food snobs, here are 5 Tips on how to determine authentic ingredients from non-authentic.

1.  The Term “Made with Real ____” can indicate that only a small portion of the ingredient in question is real, this does not mean it doesn’t contain fillers and in fact mainly means the opposite.

2. Since when is Chlorine considered “All-Natural”? The term "all-natural" is not regulated and can be used freely.  Most chicken purchased in the store is marked “All-Natural”, but in reality has been soaked in chlorine to kill bacteria during the slaughtering process.

3. Green is Good! Any food snob will no doubt pay homage to Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.  But olive oil is not subject to regulations – so if it isn’t green it isn’t Extra-Virgin.

4. Just because it’s white doesn't mean it’s Made with Milk.  Infamous “Pizza Cheese” is usually flavored shortening with chemicals to help its melting properties look like cheese.  Cool Whip is nothing more than sweetened Crisco and non-dairy creamer is like adding canola to your coffee.   Read the ingredient label, if it says “hydrogenated” or “partially-hydrogenated” it is not real regardless of how many stickers on the package says “Made with Real _____” – yeah right!

5. You thought the Red in “All Beef Patties” meant High-Quality?  All-beef patties have the hearts, liver, kidneys and worse ground into them; that's why they're nice and red.  Instead, look for the term “Ground Beef” instead of “All-Beef” and the term “Burger” instead of “Patties”.

There you have 5 food snobbery tips to authenticating ingredients.  Feel free to inform the world about your conversion to the cult!

What ways are you considered a Food Snob?  Comment Below!

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  1. some things I knew and some I didn't....I'm more of a from scratch cook/baker myself - doesn't usually take much more time, usually cheaper and always taste's better! Tammie K. :-)