Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Behind the Brand of Raw Sugar

Raw sugar brands have become popular in recent years but are not often associated to a particular ingredient term.  If you've read the last two posts, the term turbinado sugar should be familiar.  Another popular name for this ingredient is pure cane sugar.  Pure cane sugar is turbinado sugar.

What is Turbinado Sugar?
Turbinado sugar is minimally processed.  After the first pressing of sugar cane, it is crystallized, packaged and then sent to store shelves.  It is often categorized as a healthier sweetener.

Different Names = Different Prices.
When purchased under the name, pure cane sugar, the ingredient can be purchased for quite a bit cheaper than some of its other marketed brands.

Turbinado Sugar is not Brown Sugar.
There is a tendency to confuse brown sugar with turbinado sugar.  The two are not equal.  Brown sugar is actually white sugar that has molasses added to it.  The difference between light and dark brown sugar is based on the amount of molasses.  Contrary to popular opinion, brown sugar is actually processed more than white sugar.

The Flavor of Turbinado Sugar.
Turbinado sugar is more robust than white sugar but not as heavy as brown sugar.  With its light caramel taste, it is used in autumn cooking and baking to enhance the flavor of rustic cuisine.   Use turbinado sugar as a natural in recipes with apples, sweet potatoes, squash and pumpkin, to name a few.  It also works well with dairy based desserts like cheesecake, crème brulee, and ice cream.

How to Use Turbinado Sugar.
Turbinado sugar can be used cup for cup as a replacement for both white and brown sugar.  Apart from taste, when replacing white sugar with turbinado sugar, expect a slight difference in texture as turbinado sugar has a slightly higher moisture content.

How do you "Smacznego" with Turbinado Sugar.  Leave a comment below!

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